Thursday, June 10, 2004

6/10/04, Whats for lunch?

Thats what your asking aren't you? The sauce is already in the container and your without any white bread. "What the fuck" you scream outloud knowing full well you must rely now on that ungodly packaged Whole Wheat you picked up on a dare.A dare the three of you had discussed over cucumber sandwiches and strawberry niceness soda while dining at the Cape of Bulltail.

Dice the shit out of a tomatoe, pepper, onion (red), jalapeno.
Add spices like chili powder, garlic, basil, gunsmithing, cilantro and parsley.
Use a really sharp knife because your life is dull enough already, live on the edge.
Mix em, sit em', eat em' in about an hour with some fresh corn chips blue corn preferred.

I'd like to welcome you to what will be the most heinous, truthful, idiotic, profound little corner tavern of my mind. And I just steam cleaned all the stools.