Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Beware Flying Pizza

I will be in NYC in two weeks to film a pilot for a cooking show. It'll be me and another guy in front of the camera doing something never before seen in a cooking show. We're going to cook while naked.

Actually were going to be wearing these boots that let us stick to the ceiling. We're going to be cooking everything while upside down. This way we don't get any boogers in the food. See they'll just fall back into our nasal cavity.

Seriously though the show will be filmed outside in Central Park. We'll be hunting the wild game of the park with a bow and then clean and grill whatever we get right in front of whomever walks by us.

Not joking now we will be cooking hobo style. We'll be traveling down the back alleyways of the Bronx learning to cook from the assorted bums, mental patients, hookers, and crack dealers that infest the under belly of the city. Why not cook eggs while cooking meth?

We may end up doing a show where we boil things that are meant to be fried and vice versa.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Call me a geek but I've got 21 games stored on my Nintendo DS right now which leads to no time to update this site. I'm addicted what can I say, fucking Soduko's or however it's spelled.

I'm currently accepting donations to the Fuggo Condo Fund. The one I want is only $225,000 right now. Not bad when you factor in the 16' high ceilings. Can you imagine the funky ass shit you could hang from a ceiling that high?

Here check it out:Imagine the parties you could attend there! Send money now and reserve your spot at the house warming party.