Thursday, June 30, 2005

Live 8 in Philly

Just stay away. 1 million people on a parkway? Get the fuck out of here. The insanity that this city is facing is immeasurable. They're actually talking about rolling black outs in the city so that they can have jumbotrons running down there. 2,400, yes 2,400 porta potty's are being set up for the event. Thats alot of shit. Police and fire are being pulled from around the city to focus in on the concert.

I was going to go down but not now. No way. "You'll be missing the history!" one friend told me. Well let me tell ya I'll have a better view in my living room in the air conditioning then you will.

Still experimenting with color here on this thing, please bear with. Or is it bare with?

Blame Kojubat

He never reads this spot but I'll give him a plug anyway.

He started talking about City of Heroes a couple of weeks ago and I tried not to listen. I wanted to play the game but knew with my upcoming schedule being what it'll be that I wouldn't get involved with another MMORPG. Well shit I bought the game last night and lost 4 hours to it already. I've got the Keg O'War battle droid patrolling the streets fighting crime now and I'm having a blast doing it. When I fail one of these upcoming courses I'm sending him the bill.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Mekong River here I come

Need I say more? Thanks to Kurt for the link,

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Major Announcement

The Keg O' War racing team is pleased as punch to announce that they have entered into a sponsorship agreement with Adidas for their Forza Motorsport racing team. From here on out Adidas will supply the team with bad ass sneakers and those windbreaker pants that sound like a kung fu movie in the wind.

In other news the Red Sox beat the shit out of the Phillies this past weekend. Fuck Boston, that city wins too much these days.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Her little friend... my best friend. Whenever her "friend" comes to visit each month I gotta admit it's like welcoming back an old friend. I'd buy it a beer if I could. I mean how many friends of yours shows up once a month to say "Hey congratulations you dodged the bullet again fuckhead." Know why they call it menstration? Because it keeps occasionally lazy men like myself straight. We've all been there, in the throws of passion ready to stick your heehee into her hoohoo when your like "Fuck that end table with the rubbers is on the other side of the bed." and you just don't feel like wasting time. It's menstration that wisens us up because without it we wouldn't be using rubbers in the first place.

Today's advice: Always use a condom to save yourself from the anxiety attack of a late period.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Laptop Advantage

What's so great about my new laptop? Well for one it's not powerful enough to run WoW so I can escape that madness finally. (Officially cancelled on 6/21). But the real great thing to me is the ability to surf the web while on my shitter (toilet). Now I can take a crap while checking my investment portfolio (up $1300 in the last week) or see the latest scores on

Best of all no one can bother me in there. Life is good.

Beer Golf:

Monday, June 20, 2005

The Golden Crutch

I won the Golden Crutch this past weekend by being eliminated the most times while playing paintball this past weekend. While it's an honor I wish not to have it proves that I was in my fair share of fire fights.

And I'd also like to announce I have a third nipple thanks to the beating I took while playing this weekend as well.

Friday, June 10, 2005

The 1 Year Fantastico Extravaganza Anniversary Super Party Time

Fuggo's one year old today and boy what a complete waste of time it has been. Really what have we learned here class? Nothing. What started as an attempt to learn something about publishing on the web has resulted in nothing. In the time I've been screwing around with this faithless bitch I have lost all my little links on the right side of the page and I still haven't figured out how to post nude pictures of Hiromi Oshima on here yet.

Fuck it we will strive on.

So here's the top 6 list for the last year. Because no one does top "6" lists anymore.

6. Lindsey Lohan went from chubby, well rounded redhead with great tits to a skinny, bottle blonde coke fiend. That was a great run.

5. Godzilla: Final Wars was great because now we know Godzilla not only can ruin lives and cities but he plays a mean football/soccer net minder as well.

4. Forza Motorsports, the biggest "Fuck You" to Sony since I well I don't know.

3. Tippman A5, no better marker on the milsim market today. Mine ran hard all year without a hitch.

2. Michael Jackson guilty or not? Guess what I just don't give a fuck.

1. Sex, lots of it. In this past year I got nailed in 5 different states, a new record. The reason this is #1 is because nothing else came close, they just hit the belly....... get it? Huh? Huh?

Happy anniversary everyone.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I'm forming a rescue party

I'm looking for a few good men and women who are willing to enter with me into battle against the army of Scientology and save my future wife Katie Holmes. You see my soon-to-be got mixed up with this Tom Cruise fuckhead and now he's turning her into the hottest thing to ever hit LRonHubbard-ville.

Fuck Dianetics. (sp)

My mission is now this simple, infiltrate the organization, have Katie Holmes fall in love with me, then whisk her away in the night to my bedroom/deprogramming room.

Who's with me? You can do know wrong fighting along side a Keg of War.

Monday, June 06, 2005

One Year Anniversary Here: 6/10/05

Bring your party hats as this motherfucker turns 1 year old on Friday.

Vacation Over

The vacation is over and I'm back in my office freezing my nips off thanks to the air conditioning in this building. Frankly I could live without AC. It's only been around the last 40 years or so and now people swear by the shit. I used to install the stuff. It's not fun shit to play with.

This has been the most boring post in the short life of this blog, which by the way is just about to turn 1 year old.

That's right bitches I was blogging long before this shit was cool, which it's not because it's actually therapy.