Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I've been doing alot of writing recently working on the monstrosity aka book(ish). Maybe it was the snow storms keeping me in my irritable mood but the stuff is flowing right now and I'm loving it. I got done 84 pages the other day at 12 size font. That's a fuck load of writing but proof enough that when your hot your hot. It'll never get published and may get handed around to some close friends but it doesn't really matter to me. The thing is just really fun to write. I sit there and start typing all the while not apying attention to anything except the words, the keyboard, and whatever comes up on Random to play through the desktop speakers.

I sat back for a second to see if what I had wrote had changed with what was playing and found that the tone became tougher when ever classical was on. Weird. You'd think it would take the edge off but it doesn't in my writing. It's a juxtaposition I did not see coming and one I'm going to experiment further.

Meanwhile I can safely say that the time spent off the Box and TV has been wonderful. I'm just not digging the whole online scene as much as I did this time last year. I still check in and dabble around the online forums but if you catch me online anymore you should take a photo as it just doesn't happen anymore. Spring is around the corner with summer soon to follow and that means even less time on the social appliance.

Oh and to date from the beginning of this year the total tally of flat tires on the Haro is 3. Aggresive trails will do that but at $5 a pop I'm thinking they should be called expensive trails.