Thursday, August 26, 2004

Pool time

There is nothing quite like hopping into a pool after a day at work. Cool and refreshing the water just cleanses the soul of all the gunk it's built up after a day of wading through modern life. Quickly I start a whirl pool by running around the pool knowing full well that whatever is evil in there with me will be trapped in the middle awaiting to be picked out by me and my skimmer.

Dive on in.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Now working in Valhalla

The move is complete now. After 6 months of speculation I now work in Valhalla.

Yes I have been moved from my comfy corner office with the three widows to a cubicle with a view of someone elses window. This is all terribly depressing. It was then I realized that I am now surrounded by women. Yes it seems the department next store is all women. At last count on my floor here it was Men: 3, Women: 44. Normally this would be great but upon further review I am the youngest male by about 35 years and only have 2 women who are younger than me within paper airplane range. Who am I supposed to chat about last night's nip/tuck episode with? I tried the sports convo with the guys only to be greeted by blank stares which lead into the gent's talking about their kids soccer game.


What happened? I was happy in my little corner in the back at the end of the hallway. Now I am thrust out into a semi-private area where I'm supposed to keep track of delinquent employees with their flaming mother walking through my new "space". Fuck this. At least I have Godzilla still on my desk. But I have to walk down 4 flights of stairs to refill my water bottle.

It could be worse, it could be raining.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Napolean Dynamite

Just go see the funniest, most refreshing movie to come down the pike in years.

Next post....

Spaghetti Sauce!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

The Vegas

It was wonderful and over the next few updates I'll give you all (HA Ha!) a look into what was the greatest trip I've taken thus far in my short experience. Yeah it een beats Beaver Vally Campground.

Oh what do you know I can't upload pics to here. Heh! Yeah I just DL'd the software Blogsite here told me too and it still said I can't. When I figure this out I'll post a pic. Until then read a little site that I've absoulutely fallen in love with over the past year and a half.


Shit, I've been discovered!

Turns out people actually read these things and in turn write shit back to you in the form
of comments. Fuck!

Now I have to come up with some really witty stuff to keep them coming here.
How about a word of the day?

let's give it a whirl...

erythron: The total mass of circulating blood cells, their precursors, and the tissues that produce them.

Nothing really witty about erythron. But there is something to be said about modern Biology textbooks. I mean who the hell came up with the names in this book. I mean I'm sure it's no simple feat naming everything in the world that eats and shits but why couldn't they make it easy? Foot is a good word. So is hand, ear, nail, and knee. But chloroplast and phenotype are just totally absurd. I'm going to rename them Buda and Excrow.