Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Drinking in HD

I don't know how many of you out there have an HD set already, probably a good bit of you. But if you don't your missing out. It's disgusting sometimes how great a show can look in HD. I don't even like to watch standard tv anymore, hell I can't. I actually turn off baseball when its in SD.

Since I've gone HD I have become addicted to one show in particular. It's called Three Sheets and it plays on Mojo, an HD channel I think most of you all should have. It's basically a show about a guy who flys to all sorts of faraway places and drinks the local tonic. Basically it's my dream job and the guy who hosts it is one lucky son of a bitch. I mean who wouldn't want to get paid to travel and drink? And you don't have to write anything! You just sit there and get schloshed while the camera rolls. Fuck I can do that.

Any way the show is responsible for the case of Guinness in my fridge at the moment. I watched the Ireland episode and immediately wnet out and bought a case of the stuff. I've been drinking it forever but never have a I bought a case of that stuff. One a day should get me through the next 3 weeks nicely. . . very nicely.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Remember kids...

Beans and hotdogs at 9 p.m. are not a good idea for a late night snack.






Sunday, July 29, 2007

Coming Soon....

Back during the 70's anyway...

I grew up on this movie and it's one of the few that if I catch it on while flipping the channels I'll sit and watch it. I just realized the girl behind the counter is Melanie Mayron. Remember her?

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Just got off the phone with a friend of mine who was a little worried about going into the office tommorow. Seems she slept with one of the VP's in her place Friday night. She's 28, he's nearly 55 by her estimate. She was "drunk" and regrets what happened but now she has to go into the office on Monday knowing full well what she did while praying nobody in her place finds out.

As we talked about it we started talking about sex with older people. I admitted to having a woman, well she had me, a woman in her 40's when I was 18. She lived on the block I grew up on and always dressed rather down, almost tomboyish. She used to ask my buddies to buy he pot whenever they went to get some for themselves and she basically just hung out the rest of the time.

One day she came out of her place and asked if I could help her move some furniture in her place. I wasn't doing anything at the time so I followed her in to the house fully expecting to help her move a sofa and some tables. I sat down and she asked me if I wanted an iced tea. I said sure and off she went to the kitchen. I looked around the place and checked out her fish tank that had this massive fish inside. She came back in and handed me my tea and we sat down on the couch. We started shooting the shit about people on the block and what they did behind their doors. Before I knew it her hand was rubbing my left leg. I looked up at her and she caressed my left cheek. My heart began to race as I started wondering if this was a dream. Meanwhile her hand started to inch it's way over to my crotch where it was now rubbing with a good stroke. She leaned in and the next thing I knew she was on top of me and we were making out. Back and forth we went flip flopping all around the living room until she invited me upstairs. I followed her up and as soon as I had closed the bedroom door she was already on working on my second pant leg. It didn't take long after that and we were moving furniture. It was fantastic to say the least and I walked out the back door of her place with a slight limp.

She had me by 20 years but numbers were only numbers that fall day.

If Fuggo was a car...

It would look something like this....